President lost high ground on Red House lease

Dear Editor,

I believe the handling of the CJRC’s lease revocation demonstrates poor judgement on the part of President Granger and his administration.

Irrespective of the legality of the Government’s decision, a matter which is for the courts to decide, I believe President Granger, with the timing and demand of the announcement, lost the high moral ground on this matter.

To announce the lease revocation in the midst of this the season of peace and goodwill, was certainly insensitive to nearly half the population who see Cheddi Jagan as their hero. Worse yet, to publicly announce the lease revocation on December 29 and requesting the lessee to remove contents and vacate the premises by December 31 was totally unreasonable. It is difficult to understand what urgency necessitated the Government’s action at this time.

Also troubling are reports that inaccurate information was provided to the Honourable Chief Justice by the Attorney General (AG) to support the Government’s position, as she (Madame Chief Justice) listened to the request for a conservatory order by the PPP. Contrary to what the AG is reported as saying, it appears the building was still occupied by the CJRC at the time of the petition. If the reports accurately present what transpired, this is great cause for concern as the Attorney General is the highest legal officer in the land. And this follows the recent misleading of the Legislature by the Minister of Health.

Yours faithfully,

Harry Hergash

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