Wild accusations against Ogunseye

Dear Editor,

This is about the third letter in which Sasenarine Singh has hurled completely baseless comments about the character of Tacuma Ogunseye. Mr Singh has an absolute right to make criticisms of Ogunseye’s political and social views and policy positions but it is quite obvious, on the basis of his wild accusations that he does not know Ogunseye the person. Ogunseye is a well-known market vendor, politician and civil rights fighter. His legendary honesty, frankness, organizational ability and fearless defence of African dignity while espousing multiracial unity has made him the object of controversy but on account of his public decorum he has gained the respect of friends and foes alike.  Let me state unambiguously to Sasenarine Singh that Ogunseye, a close colleague of Walter Rodney, was in no way, shape or form responsible for his assassination.

Secondly, I know that among WPA activists and other Guyanese colleagues there is  widespread acclaim that Tacuma Ogunseye is perhaps the most incorruptible political activist apart from Eusi Kwayana that we have known.

I do hope Mr Sasenarine Singh can take the high road in future exchanges with Ogunseye.

Yours faithfully, 

Nigel Westmaas

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