Why was Nigel Hughes omitted as SC?

Dear Editor

I have a mixed response to the list of Senior Counsel recently appointed by the President. I am particularly heartened that Llewellyn John has finally been recognized for his long contribution to the legal field. But what about Nigel Hughes? His omission is most glaring. If longevity of service and achievement in the field are prerequisites for Senior Counsel, then none can doubt that Mr Hughes stands head and shoulders with the other appointments. His brilliance as a trial lawyer is well known. His contribution to legal thought and his defence of the defenceless on issues of human rights at a time when lawyers in Guyana no longer donate their services for such causes must surely count in his favour.

The previous government publicly indicated that Hughes would not be made Senior Counsel under their watch. Now, the new government, whose rise to power Mr Hughes helped to make a reality, has bypassed him. It is no secret that he is not a cheerleader of the government, but does one have to be a loyalist to be given one’s due? Am I missing something? Is this government continuing the PPP’s embargo on Hughes? Somebody needs to explain this.

Yours faithfully,

David Hinds

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