No justification given by GTT for raise in bronze plan rates

Dear Editor,

It seems like daily in Guyana we are being subjected to increasing in prices every way you turn, the latest shock and downright disrespect for citizen comes from Gtt. All the major news outlets published stories about lower rates and faster speeds for the gold and silver plans, but no justification was given for the bronze plan raise in the rates for an embarrassing speed of 1.5Mbs, which ironically you don’t get. So, in actual fact, we were already paying for inferior service, and now we are faced with an increase. What is even more shocking is that Gtt knows full well that the majority of areas cannot get more than the bronze plan of 1.5Mbs.

I am a great admirer of Minister Cathy Hughes and I don’t want to discredit her portfolio, but it seems like the liberalization of the telecommunication sector was one big farce. While I know that negotiations with GTT are ongoing, when will they end? What is the intended outcome? Who will benefit? and when will the telecommunication body  be set up to manage the sector and allow competition?

While the government is fine tuning and publicly expressing words like ‘bridging the technology gap’, their actions and outcome tell another story. We, the greatest assets of both Gtt and the government are left in the backward technology wasteland, and are compelled to pay higher rates to a company that does not care for its consumers, but just the bottom line.

Yours faithfully,

Nick Samaroo

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