The use of speed humps should be avoided

 Dear Editor,

I would like to suggest to the relevant authorities that the use of speed humps or sleeping policemen be avoided wherever possible, and if they must be used, that they be situated only on the minor roads.

Six speed humps were installed in December 2016 at the junction where Oronoque Street meets Church Street and North Road – a junction that has been the scene of many traffic accidents as drivers on Oronoque Street frequently fail to comply with the law that requires them to stop at the junction.  Four humps have been placed on Oronoque Street, and one each on North Road and Church Street.

The humps on North Road and Church Street contribute very little to traffic safety; they do however have a major impact on congestion and should be removed in the interest of improved traffic flow.

It should be noted that this is not the only intersection within the city with speed humps on both roads.  Albert and Fourth Streets is another such intersection, and this one has humps on all four approaches, as do the intersections at Stone and Campbell Avenues in Campbellville; Stone Avenue and Pike Street; and Pike Street and Delhi Streets in Prashad Nagar.

Yours faithfully,

Ernest Ford

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