NY Guyanese Solidarity Movement aghast at recission of Red House lease

Dear Editor,

The Guyanese Solidarity Movement-New York (GSM-NY) is aghast at the efforts to rescind the lease of Guyana’s founding father, Dr Cheddi Jagan’s Research Centre at Red House and vehemently condemns it as an assault on our natural freedom. Red House has been a sterling symbol which celebrates our rich Guyanese history. President David Granger’s order to vacate the premises in forty-eight hours is just untenable and most reprehensible. Adding insult to injury was that the government decided to do the eviction during the Christmas season when there should be tidings of comfort and joy. The coalition’s decision to evict the tenants at Red House is a travesty.

The GSM-NY condemns this unjust act and stands in solidarity with the PPP in fighting this. The GSM calls on all right thinking and decent Guyanese and well-wishers to speak up against this dastardly PNC action.

Coming so close after the closure of Wales Sugar Estate and the retrenching of hundreds of sugar workers, it is a striking double whammy on the poor and working class who view Dr Cheddi Jagan as their hero. Who can imagine the suffering and misery of so many families now without daily bread to feed their families? Eviction of the Red House tenants is just as bad as making Wales workers penniless and hungry.

The GSM-NY is heartened that the Red House lease issue is now before the courts and expects the coalition will respect the rule of law. Those who broke the Red House Cheddi Jagan Research Centre sign are guilty of destroying private property. The law must take its course to ensure these occurrences do not become a norm.

The peaceful vigil last Friday outside Red House held by the PPP was violated by Minister Volda Lawrence and her group. It is shameful that the APNU+AFC coalition government would blatantly seek to violate the laws of Guyana.

As was explained by Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, Attorney General Basil Williams is wrong to say he was supposed to sign off on the lease between the government and the Red House Research Centre. Dr Jagdeo said he did not sign off on any lease for the 12-year duration when he was President. This, he asserted, was the responsibility of the deeds registry officials, and they are delegated to do so.

The GSM-NY is heartened that more and more people are condemning the Red House violation and commends them for their solidarity in this hour of need.

Yours faithfully,

Rueben Khusial


Guyanese Solidarity Movement-New


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