Revelry at Plaisance blocking road

Dear Editor,

By this letter, I am hoping that Commissioner of Police and the Traffic Chief will be provoked to look into the matter set out herein.

I had occasion to be driving through Plaisance on the Embankment Road at about 11pm last night (5th).

The area by the Plaisance Market was chaotic. Vehicles were in the middle of the road and on the bridge itself; revellers were sitting on chairs on the thoroughfare, and the smell of marijuana was thick in the air. Vehicles passing through had to stop and ask drivers who were virtually ‘parked’ on the roadway to pull a bit into the corner. It took six minutes for me to pass the market area. Other drivers going both ways were similarly affected. Were some off-duty police officers among the revellers?

That was a Thursday night. What is it like on weekends?

I would prefer to entertain doubt that either the Commissioner or the Traffic Chief have been briefed about the state of affairs as described above. They couldn’t have been and still have the lawlessness prevail.

My recollection is that a similar situation raised its head about five years ago at Buxton, Haslington Public Road and Plaisance which necessitated regular police interventions. The ugliness is rearing its head again.

I am hopeful that this matter will be addressed by the relevant authorities sooner rather than later.

Yours faithfully,

Taajnauth Jadunauth

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