Mahaica/Berbice RDC’s Budget 2017 will have a positive impact on Region 5

Dear Editor,

The Regional Democratic Council (Mahaica/Berbice) 2017 Budget will have a positive long-term impact and stimulate behavioural change in the people of Region 5. The region’s budget has a wide spread of projects across the region that will create positive outcomes when implemented. I wish to highlight the major project that will benefit the people of Region 5 in 2017, and that is the construction of a nursery school at Perth Village. The Perth Nursery school has been operating below the Perth Community Hall for a number of years, an environment that is not suitable for learning. The construction of a school building is important to pupils’ education. The teachers will be more comfortable and our pupils can have better teaching. The community will also grow socially and educationally. Good buildings, better schools, an economic stimulus opportunity mean long-term benefits for the communities in Region 5.

Yours faithfully,

Govind Singh

Deputy Regional Executive Officer


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