City constabulary should follow President’s example in case of GDF

Dear Editor,

I wish to congratulate President David Granger on his handling of the change of guard in the Guyana Defence Force, with the promotion of two individuals to serve as Chief of Staff.

In his remarks on the appointment of Brigadier Patrick West the President alluded to the fact that while Brigadier George Lewis was the shortest serving Chief of Staff, “the appointment of Brigadier West is symbolic of due process to ensure officers retire when they are due to do so.”

I am excited by this statement because it gives hope to young officers who are qualified, so they have that sense of dedication, since succession is something of the past.

There is need for all other arms of the joint services to use this as a precedent and ensure that due process is done to those persons who are loyal and have been serving for a number of years.

I speak specifically of the City Constabulary, where there seems to be a problem of promotion. Firstly there is an inspector who retired in November 2016 and has returned to the job effective Monday January 9, 2017. Surprisingly, information surrounding his return is unknown, while in another case there is much talk of an extension of the service of a superintendent who is due to retire in February 2017. Such an extension according to some ranks of the constabulary, is not warranted.

Further I trust that the Mayor and Town Clerk of the City of Georgetown, who represent the political and administrative arms of the council respectively will follow President Granger and ensure that there is hope among the young officers for upward mobility, instead of stagnation as a result of extensions.

Yours faithfully,

Garfield Boston

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