Croal Street rumour has it the President has a particular candidate in mind

Dear Editor,

President Granger has demonstrated once again his commitment to his much touted “fresh approach.” Realistically, Mr Granger really can’t avoid promoting what he himself started. This is a somewhat awkward obligation he must uphold and fulfil.

The hornet’s nest he has stirred up by rejecting the list of names deemed as “not unacceptable to the President” and his deep and abiding interest in selecting a Gecom Chairman of his own choice is a clear manifestation of his predisposition towards the “fresh approach” which he clings to so tenaciously.

Rumour on Croal Street has it that the President has a particular candidate in mind. If truth be told, and were that rumour to be confirmed, there is little doubt that the whole of Guyana would recognize the political inclination of the President’s choice.

It seems to me that we are on a road named after vengeful politics. My gut feeling tells me that we are returning to that era when Harold Bollers was the Chairman of the Commission. After all, we have a President who is fond of history and correcting what he considers as “troubled periods” and “historical heresies”.

The handwriting is on the wall. But only the experienced and perceptive eye can discern the moving hand with dewy innocence. Thank heavens there is no shortage of such eyes in Guyana. But marching feet are equally important.

What is critical is not only to interpret the salvo fired by Mr Granger in respect of his interpretation of the Constitution vis-à-vis the acceptability of the list of names, for while that is important, what is even more important is the unity and solidarity of the popular stakeholders and their respective grassroots constituents to coalesce as they did so admirably prior to 1992. Then they held high the banner of democracy and free and fair elections which were the galvanizing factor preventing the Vulcans from rising up and thwarting the will of the Guyanese electorate once again.

The national outcry must continue to be, ‘Not more than one term’.

Yours faithfully,

Clement J Rohee

Former General Secretary, PPP

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