The PPP did not have the courage to elect Frank Anthony as General Secretary

Dear Editor,

Kaieteur News (Jan 8) reported that Bharrat Jagdeo defeated Dr Frank Anthony for the post of General Secretary of the PPP. This may be the most befuddling political news since the PNC declared their support of former President Burnham in spite of Burnham’s misgovernance.

The PPP addresses itself as the “opposition” party instead of the People’s Progressive Party.  Referring to themselves as the “opposition” party begs the question – what are they opposing?  Are they opposing all the progressive proposals of the coalition government?  Are they still opposing the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill?  Are they opposing school uniform vouchers?  To continue with the list would be disparaging, for that is not my intention.

To even have former President Jagdeo as a candidate for General Secretary is to ignore the quandaries of Jagdeo’s making that is synonymous with the PPP.  With charges following Jagdeo like a dark cloud, why does the PPP not see the albatross around its neck? Can one evade the fact that the failure of the sugar industry that is vital for PPP’s constituents occurred under Jagdeo’s tutelage? The PPP should know that the person who is its General Secretary provides the rationale and proof that can be used to show why the PPP does not offer a viable alternative and should not be the majority party to lead and represent Guyana.

With this action, the PPP, witlessly, has granted the coalition government a pathway to another victory.

The PPP did not have the courage to embrace and elect Dr Anthony, a truly honourable son of Guyana, who refused to kowtow.  May Guyana be forever grateful to Dr Anthony.  When an honest and trusted contender is most needed, Dr Anthony stands bravely against the host of bootlickers who refuse to see the potential damage of their choice for a General Secretary who has a record of accusations against him that is detrimental to their party, Guyanese and Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Stanley Niamatali

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