No action from the police in relation to stolen pig

Dear Editor,

The Suddie Police Station is in a terribly run-down state. Around 9 am on Saturday, January  7 last a report was made by me of a pig with a market value of twenty-four thousand dollars being stolen from my sty at Onderneeming Sand Pit, but no action was taken then as only one rank was on duty.

From information received a well-known character had killed the animal the night before and was seen dragging it out. This caused me to go back the next morning to tell the police.

But when I went around 7.10 am, there was yet another hurdle because the station vehicles did not have fuel and there no driver around either. An offer to provide transportation at my expense was rejected on the grounds that no other rank was available. There was ample opportunity for the police to apprehend the perpetrator the very same morning while he was inebriated sleeping in a hammock at a friend’s home, but now his whereabouts are unknown.

Out of frustration I decided to make a call to the Divisional Commander at his home to express my dissatisfaction about what was taking place, but much to my surprise, his contact number was not available at the station. Around 11 am the same day I tried to reach the Commander at his residential quarters; his vehicle was there and the gate was padlocked from the inside, but I failed to get his attention.

Two days later, and nothing is being done; it leaves much to be desired. There need to be improvements so the police provide a better service to the community.

Yours faithfully,

Sohan Seemangal

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