Parking spots painted across active driveways in Quamina Street

Dear Editor,

I had contacted Ms Halley at City Hall shortly after parking spots were painted/marked in Quamina Street in December, as I observed parking spots were painted across active driveways, including the entrance to my office located in Quamina St between Carmichael and Main Sts.  She very politely told me she would inform the necessary people, but I have not observed any action thus far and the proposed charges are due to start on the 23rd January.

I was bemused that there were no contact numbers on the machines installed on the roads, but looked at their website, which was not accepting any messages, and an email was returned from

I spoke to Alicia Bess at their Customer Services number who politely told me she would also contact their engineers.

I trust this will be remedied by the simple action of painting yellow lines to inform the parking public that these are not spaces to be parked in and will be charged/clamped/towed accordingly, as in the event of an emergency immediate access would be required.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Dionne Fries

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