The pillars of our democracy are being tested

Dear Editor,

Contemporary developments on the political front have clearly demonstrated that the court has long been and will, in the near future, be the battle ground again for resolving a number of legal/political issues either between the executive and the political opposition, the executive and parliament and/or individual citizens.

Constitutional challenges and interpretations will be the flashpoints that, like the onslaught at Cadiz, can bring about significant changes in the political landscape and the legal architecture of our country. This is good for democracy. The three pillars of our democracy will come under tremendous pressure and be tested in a manner never experienced before.

There are currently a number of high profile political matters that are either before the court or about to enter the court. Their outcome will spell either dismay for individual/s or maintenance of the status quo, resulting in political survival and the advancement of democracy for our country.

Now is the time in spite of their private enmities and notorious hostility to each other, for the political and social forces that rallied in unison prior to 1992 to re-invoke that spirit of national unity to uphold democracy and to ensure that the will of the electorate is guarded, defended and respected. They must hearken to reason and recognize the primordiality and centrality of acting together for the protection and advancement of our civil and political rights.

With regard to the ongoing imbroglio concerning the selection of a Chairman for Gecom, the problem we have in Guyana is that since May 2015 we have irresponsible people in positions of responsibility. In the circumstances, the roles must be reversed.

Yours faithfully,

Clement J. Rohee

Former General Secretary


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