Nurses should not have to shout at the eye clinic

Dear Editor,

I visited the eye clinic at GPHC on March 22. The system is basically in place to facilitate orderly service. However, I really feel sorry for the nurses who have to call names loudly to get the attention of those (a crowd at times) who need to see the eye specialists or the like. Surely, GPHC can think of an arrangement to stop this harassment of our nurses.

In addition, while nurses are calling (shouting) names, they have to contend with vendors in the service area, who seem to have no respect for the nurses as they speak loudly to advertise their  products and often drown out the names called by  the nurses.

Chaos, Editor, is not progress. GPHC, I think, can offer the eye clinic order and decency and a better nurse to patients communication system.

I cannot blame the current administration of GPHC for this situation, since it was inherited, but something surely can be done to give the eye clinic a semblance of order with respect to vending and our nurses, who have to shout too much.

Yours faithfully,

Krishna Nand Prasad

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