‘I have never been the Guyanese representative in South Africa’

Dear Editor

At his recent press conference, Mr Jadgeo claimed that I was the Guyanese representative in South Africa.  I have never ever been, never wanted to, could not have been even If I wanted to the Guyana representative in South Africa. Where is the letter of authorization for me to do this? Where is the letter for the South African Government? Where is the announcement? Where are the payment wires? Where are the communications between myself and Mr Jagdeo or myself and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?  Where is the mandate and what services did I ever provide as this fictitious representative? Compare this to Dr Luncheon’s statement that no African Guyanese was qualified to be appointed to such a post.

Secondly, I have never threatened any member of the opposition. The words I wrote on facebook are pretty clear and so is the context.

Third, Minister Trotman at a press conference at Cara Lodge  on January 6, which was reported in the newspaper said that “Around 15,000 ounces of gold are smuggled each week”.  He said the gold is going to Brazil, Suriname, Miami Airport and JFK and that a team from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security visited last year to brief the government. I am sure the physical evidence to back up the FBI/Homeland Security claim is with the Minister.

Thirdly, Mr Jagdeo said I had to leave South Africa overnight and hence they had to appoint another person. If I was never the Guyana representative, I would have never had to leave South Africa overnight ‒ and I have been back since.

Yours faithfully,

Eric Phillips

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