Chaotic intersection needs potholes fixed and signage

Dear Editor,

A call is hereby made to the relevant authorities about a busy road intersection which needs road signs urgently and the fixing of large potholes so as to aid road users.

The intersection is at the head of Dennis Street where four busy streets join each other. These are Dennis Street, the south bound road from UG entrance which caters for East Coast traffic, the road coming out of Cummings Lodge which caters for traffic from 1st to 9th Field streets and the road coming out of Sophia.

The presence of a number of large potholes in the centre of the intersection of these roads is causing chaos and confusion in the busy traffic, with vehicles diverting off their designated lanes to avoid the potholes. Further compounding matters is the absence of clear road signage to state which thoroughfare has the right of way.

Traffic congestion has also increased due to the closure of the Liliendaal Bridge which has diverted East Coast traffic onto the UG road.

There is also need to undertake some repairs along the southbound road from UG entrance to Dennis Street where potholes have also developed on both sides of the narrow road. These holes are very difficult to see at night due to the total darkness of the area, and it makes driving hazardous.

Could the relevant authorities look into these issues and bring some relief to road users?


Yours faithfully,

M Abraham

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