The government needs a new fireboat

Dear Editor,
Before the Harbour Bridge was built for the Georgetown‒Vreed-en-Hoop crossing, there was a ferry crossing which stopped after 8-9 pm sometimes, and on Saturdays at 12 midnight. The West Bank and West Coast usually had emergencies for the GPH. There was the faithful Lady Woolley, a fireboat controlled by the fire service which took accident victims, pregnant mothers, etc, and made late crossings to Georgetown for the GPH. The Vreed-en-Hoop police used to make these calls. The Lady Woolley had huge pumps and jets to extinguish fires on wharves, ships, etc.
Now that Guyana has discovered oil we need a new fireboat for emergencies. On any holiday the previous boat used to put on lovely water displays with their water jets on the river. I would call on the government to build such a boat for our harbours.

Yours faithfully,
Winston Miller

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