Benefiting from oil and gas depends on the five ‘c’s

Dear Editor,

On March 28, I was fortunate to be ushered into a forum (Conference on Oil and Gas) where the brightest minds and knowledge of science and technology were on display. For three days March 26-28, this was happening at the Marriott Hotel,

There were many speakers from various parts of the world, which added a special quality to the conference. In addition to ministers of government, ambassadors and dignitaries from many countries were there. This occasion marks the first of its kind, and I must commend the Guyana Oil & Gas Association Inc for forging ahead with this kind of agenda, showing their vision, mission and objectives.

Many things were said of which I knew little, but I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the core content of the whole concept of accessing oil and gas from the wells identified and spreading the wealth proportionately to the people on the ground ‒ the Guyanese population.

I overheard the use of two prominent words over twenty times ‒ challenges and opportunity ‒ by some of the presenters. Now, the truth be told, the reality of successfully benefiting from such a massive project depends on the five ‘c’s ‒ cost, contract, cooperation, cohesion and character.

To get to the petroleum wealth is like sending a man to the moon, not an American in America or Chinese in China, but a Guyanese where the launch is off the shore line of the Demerara or Essequibo River in the year 2020.

Editor, I am not too certain whether the calibre, integrity and stature of our political leaders in this dispensation is of a kind suitable to managing, administering, monitoring and promoting such a massive project.

To fully realize our goal there must be cohesion and cooperation among our people. The contract must be crafted by lateral-thinking and innovative minds, focusing on the total interest (education and health) of our people and not just a few wealth-hungry, covetous and greedy souls.

Lastly there is the cost which is the first consideration in this analysis. God forbid, that we, as a nation forge ahead with this plan that dictates the future prosperity of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, without seriously considering the five ‘c’s.

Yours faithfully,

Apostle Vanrick Beresford

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