It is pathetic when a nation cannot preserve its history

Dear Editor,

It is too late for tears and lamentations in the matter of the plundering and pillaging of artifacts and national treasures belonging to the bauxite industry by scrap metal dealers  (‘Scrap metal dealers “plundered” Linden of several famous artifacts’ KN, April 3).

Responsibility for this absurd and shocking state of affairs must be apportioned and shared both regionally and nationally. It was allowed to happen with no attempt being made to arrest the situation, not even with the centennial observances; it was known from the time the machinery and other items were put out to pasture.

It is pathetic and sad when a people and by extension a nation cannot preserve its history or belatedly realize its true value only when it is no longer around or cannot be salvaged.

Editor, the role and functions of the National Trust in preserving national treasures and artifacts for historical purposes come into focus.

Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed  

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