The power of the state is no longer exclusive

Dear Editor,

As the symphonies of the street and social media reach the inner ear, there come troubling thoughts that refuse to go away.  Which is the real dominant power around these parts?  Is it the state?  Or is it commerce of a certain kind of capitalism?

Previous and succeeding governments might hold the reins. But I would postulate that that increasingly represents presence and position, and no more.  The reins are held; it does not harness, it is not taut.  Both carriage and restive unhappy horses have visions of their own, want to go their own way, and resist mightily the yoke of authority in its every expression. That yoke was previously feebly administered; more form, little substance in the marketplace of business. There were lots of incentives: freedom to function at will, insulation from oversight, and immunity from sanction being three that come to mind.  Such were the molasses and oats of tentative fearful partnership and husbandry.

There is tightening these days, a yanking on the reins. The result is the spooking of already nervous charges, and early political jockeying for inside positioning and a clear shot towards the winner’s elevation.

Earlier, there were the customary shifts in business allegiances through new alliances formed. It has been to little avail.  For the big ticket passport (which should be recognized for what it is) has been revoked and is under constant critical scrutiny. Thus, one-time highly lauded money thoroughbreds, usually jittery, are now reduced to pawing the air in panic and rearing in both disbelief and rage.  The environment is menaced by powerful forces. The questions return and remain: who is in the driver’s seat? Who is the dominant force, the real controller?

The way that I see matters is that the foundations of state power are being eroded relentlessly and purposely.  There is the remorseless wearing away of what pinches painfully, but is clean. I venture that the exclusive nature of state power is under continuing duress. A rule implemented here, almost automatically generates a vociferous objection and resistance there from the white collar, silk stocking crowd. There are resources to make things happen and over the long haul; there is interest, too.  This is doable; hence the ratcheting-up at every opportunity in this struggle for the soul and direction of now known gelatinous nation.

Meanwhile, poor people have to earn by the sweat of their brow, and with backs bent.  They are stoic in resignation.  And as there is examination of the cries, complaints, conflicts and confrontations, an unspoken harrowing truth surfaces: it is that some intrinsic aspects of public anxieties reinforce a certain perverse reality.  It is about narcotics politics. Loudly so!  It is about laundering for losers to benefit ultimately. Distinctly so!  It is for what was and could be so again.

It is why the apparatuses of the state are increasingly encircled and under siege, both internally and externally. This is more than the traditional colour barriers and ancient differences.  This is about the unity and militancy of capital.  The capital is of a certain kind, and lacking in local heritage.  Some locals have allowed themselves to be used for ostensibly good causes; they need to see the forest for the trees.  Money is power.  Power to the people is not under consideration.  Incidentally, there is lot of that paper (green) powerbroker lying around and straining to make a contribution to the power equation and power resolution.  It is the ultimate arbiter.  This is the teeth of Cadmus sown profusely in land and heart.

I close with this: the power of the state is no longer exclusive and settled.  Time will inform as to how dominant it remains, and in what embodiment.

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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