We should not continue with our business as usual attitude to the VAT on private education

Dear Editor,
It was said that “Education is our passport to the future and tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today,” so each time I hear our elected officials’ argument that the private school providers could absorb the newly imposed VAT, it irks me.

I take this opportunity to firstly, commend our teachers both private and public for their contribution in educating and moulding our next generation of leaders. Secondly, we should absolve the public school teachers of the brunt of the blame that the public schools are failing our next generation.  Everyone knows it is impossible to function effectively without resources and stewardship; therefore it is no secret how the private schools became an alternative.

I understand our government trying to generate revenues, I understand our government not thinking through all aspects of their decisions and how these impact their citizens; what I cannot understand is how in the face of constructive dialogue and vehement rejection by parents, private school operators and others, our elected officials refuse to demonstrate true leadership and responsibility to their citizens by repealing this abrasive decision.

This matter is too important and big an issue to be off the table this year. Please let us not continue in our business as usual attitude, and ride this out.

Yours faithfully,
Roomel William

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