We have begun a community outreach programme in Agricola, East Ruimveldt and Kitty

Dear Editor,
I would like to extend Easter greetings to all Guyanese. This season is the culmination of a period in the Christian calendar when Christians observe the three fundamental pillars of their faith: the death, burial and resurrection of the Christ.

Even though this season is allied to the Christian community, Guyanese from every stratum of society unite in love to indulge in the traditional kite-flying and other activities. As I reflect on the kaleidoscope of colours that usually blanket the horizon during this season, I am reminded of our religious, political and ethnic diversities that make us such a unique people.

It is my prayer and hope, that as everyone celebrates and releases colourful kites to the wind, that they would contemplate ways to improve the environmental and social status of our local communities.

We are cognizant that residents have an important role to play in helping the city to realize its full potential. This is why we have commenced a community outreach programme in three wards: Agricola, East Ruimveldt and Kitty. This allows for greater interaction with residents and a more coordinated approach in addressing concerns at the level of the community.

May we allow the supreme sacrifice, virtues and teachings of Christ to inspire us both Christians and Non-Christians to work together to advance the integrity of local communities and the city as a whole.

Let us continue to work together to improve Georgetown so that we can bequeath to the next generation a city that we all could be proud of.

Yours faithfully,
Patricia Chase-Green
Mayor of Georgetown

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