Why does M&CC have its consultations when most citizens cannot attend?

Dear Editor,

I have noted many advertisements put out by the M&CC regarding public consultations with respect to the garbage situation.  While it is good for the M&CC to have these consultations, I noticed that they are at 10 am and they are also at City Hall.  I tried to get to one of the consultations for an area next to mine (my area was not included in the consultation list, by the way), however, I had a work meeting clash that I could not get away from.

This is my point. How serious can the M&CC be about talking with citizens if they put the meetings at a time when most cannot attend? Why not hold meetings after work hours or on weekends?

Also why not have teams or the councillor representative for an area have meetings within the area so you ensure a proper engagement. I hope that this can be considered by the council for engagements on other issues in the future, especially those that are directly community related.

Yours faithfully,

Raquel Thomas-Caesar

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