Noise a big problem again on Sheriff St

Dear Editor,

It is a fact that noise abuse has never really stopped on Sheriff Street but had eased tremendously. I continued to write the authorities whenever these acts were committed especially by the old offenders both on Sheriff and Seaforth streets, Campbellville but nothing really serious is being done to stop these people. There was a period of time when there was peace and calm for a couple of weeks. Now the noise has started all over again, these acts are being committed by people who the Police Patrol have been visiting for years whenever summoned. It is crystal clear though that there is no fear or respect for the law since these acts stop only for a short period and are repeated all over again by the same offenders and the reason for this is that the law is causing this to happen by not dealing with these people the way they ought to.

I am now forced to raise my voice once again now that a new offender has taken up the mantle. Since Thursday the 6th April, 2017, loud music and the beating of drums started emanating from the Maharaja Palace situated next to the Survival Supermarket on Sheriff Street at around 14 hrs (2 pm) that day. It never stopped until after 2 am the next day despite the fact that several calls to the Police were made. The abuse continued for the next two days, it was a wedding celebration. Only a few months ago residents were exposed to this same cruel act by someone on Seaforth Street for five days straight without mercy or consideration for the residents there and as always responses by the Police proved futile.

Last night, Monday 17th April, calls had to be made to the police to stop noise emanating again from the top floor which I assume is the Restaurant. It never stopped until their closing time so I am now inclined to believe that this is going to be the new trend of operation there, but I am pleading with the authority to nip this in the bud. It is unfair to residents to have to endure this kind of torture and stupidness for no reason at all causing a deep violation to people’s health, peace and comfort.

During last year, after several complaints made by me against T. Datt, a liquor Restaurant operator who usually puts out a music box from very early in the morning every Saturday until around 8-9 pm at nights,  he was eventually  charged and taken before the court. I declined to offer any evidence against him for three reasons – 1. The day and date he was supposed to have committed this offence was wrong. 2. He is over seventy years old. 3. He is not the person who plays the music and appears not to have any control over this, it is on this note I am asking those in charge to have a rank visit there once again and get the names of the two persons both male and female who operate the music system, after which should this act continue they should be dealt with accordingly. As recent as Saturday last after a brief stoppage of noise abuse it has started all over again. These people must be made to understand that there is a law and they have to play their music within the confines of their space and not try to entertain the whole neighbourhood.

We also have to endure a noisy generator from as early as 5 am, a malfunctioning alarm, and noise emanating from a night club that is supposed to be sound proof especially on Sunday nights and from other businesses located in the area.

The person who gives permission to these wedding ceremonies has to be held accountable for this unspeakable cruelty that is being unleashed on residents for so many days and nights in the form of music. There must be a limit and time frame set for each day of activities. And the Police must act as if they are in charge at all times whether permission is given or not.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address supplied)

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