Unruly hire car drivers creating havoc at Perseverance

Dear Editor,

I reside at Perseverance, East Bank Demerara in one of the turn key houses and I traverse the road daily, seven days a week, sometimes five or more times a day. This road is situated between the Ramada Hotel and the National Stadium.

What I am writing you about is the traffic congestion that occurs at the entrance by the public road and it is caused by a few taxis and private cars operating as taxis. Editor, some days the situation is so ridiculous that the trucks, vans, buses and cars have to go wide to turn left from the East Bank Public Road when they are coming from the city because the taxis jostle each other for space and passengers. Sometimes they are lined up three in a row.

I took it upon myself to observe what really transpires and the chaos and greed is so evident that a few drivers just pay no heed to the traffic markings and just shout, jostle and fight for the few passengers that traverse the location.

Earlier this year, some of the pioneers and regular taxis used to assemble on that same spot or area and the traffic department at Providence came and moved them and ensured that no-parking and no-stopping markings were installed on the road. This brought some order to the situation.

However, recently a new breed of drivers and taxis have emerged and they are showing total disregard for the law, police and safety of the said passengers they are fighting over. For your easy reference I do submit the cars that are the main culprits and law breakers.

Mr. Traffic Chief, I plead with you to have this situation corrected so that order can once again be restored in this thriving housing scheme and that the law abiding taxi drivers be given a chance to earn a decent living.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)