The administration showed bias in the appointment of permanent secretaries

Dear Editor,

I have noticed an increased assault against the Guyanese people by the Granger administration.  Do they really think they can develop all of Guyana by cutting out 70% of the people from the decision-making process and get away with it?  Socially, economically and politically, if they are not aware, Guyana has retrogressed, and have they not observed that a collective fight back using all the tools at the people’s disposal has begun?  This fight back does not need guns; it needs leadership, mobilization, and consciousness.  It has now gotten that, and slowly but surely at the village level the collective fight back has started to gain traction.  It is only a matter of time that the masses in a peaceful way coalesce against these forces of oppression led by the Granger administration.  The collective voice of the people is more powerful than all the armies in the world.

What happens to that tradition from 1966 to create one nation with one destiny?  These people in the Granger Team speak of Burnham morning, noon and night, but they are not committed to anything that Burnham represented.  Burnham wanted to mould a nation and what is happening in 2017 is certainly not how you mould a nation.  From my reading of history, all the presidents of Guyana before President Granger were committed to moulding the nation, even the incompetent Donald Ramotar.  Today the evidence is there to prove that we have a real situation of ethnic bias under the Granger administration.

As an example, look at the 16 permanent secretaries in the government.  Fifteen of the sixteen  are from one race (see below).

Where is the balance?  Where is the fairness?  Where is the justice for the entire nation?

To compound this mess, we find a rapid invasion of the leadership of the rest of the Public Service with ex-GDF officers.  If one reads the Auditor General Report, the army officers are not superior at the public management of the assets put at their disposal.  The reality is that they are far from the best at the public management of state assets.

The social cohesion damage to this nation has to be repaired.  Or is this really what the PNC wants: a split nation?

Let the records show that for all of our 51 years as a politically independent nation, these last 12 months have been the worst in terms of fostering national unity and social cohesion.  Is this what President Granger wants to be remembered for?

Finally, where is the voice of the AFC ministers, the so-called liberal democrats?  Has ambition replaced moral conviction?

Yours faithfully,

Sase Singh

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