Please fix Ocean View Drive

Dear Editor,
I read in the newspaper recently that the government intends to fix many roads throughout the coast of Guyana. Minister in charge please include my street!

I have a home at Ruimzeight Gardens  WCD, across from the cremation site. I bought the house there as a new building about fifteen years ago. The road, Ocean View Drive, at the time was a temporary construction road. This road was never completed and has deteriorated over the years. It is now a dirt road which in in a deplorable state. With the recent rains, it is like a muddy swamp and is extremely difficult to use.

Just before the last election the former government repaired most of the roads in the area but, for some reason, Ocean View Drive was not included.

We pay property taxes to the nearby La Jalousie/Nouvelle Flanders  NDC. I had the opportunity to speak with the NDC Chairman, some time ago, he explained that the NDC’s budget does not allow for large projects and fixing this street is the job of the Ministry of Communities.

I appeal to Minister Ronald Bulkan, or whichever officer is responsible for deciding which roadways to fix. Please include Ocean View Drive in this road fixing project.

Below is a picture taken from my veranda of Ocean View drive in the dry season. Even when it is not raining this street is in a poor state.

Yours faithfully,
Jacqueline Richmond 

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