Camp Groomes survivors should have been flown out for medical treatment

Dear Editor,

I just finished reading about the soldiers who were injured 16 years ago in the explosion at Camp Groomes on the Soesdyke Highway and who are still awaiting compensation. I am surprised that these soldiers have not been taken care of. Those soldiers should have been treated outside given the injuries received on the work site.

They were guarding the army bond that had ammunition, grenades, etc, when it exploded. When you look at Colwyn Lewis’s feet, he can’t walk on his own because he suffered third degree burns. Another one, Wincel Wade, says when it happened he flew up in the air and a piece of shrapnel went into his back and is still there.

Lewis is 37 years old and lives in a 10×10 structure. When I read about these men’s ordeal I said the previous government was cruel; they should have been flown out for medical treatment, and this can still be done now.

I don’t know them, but I am appealing to President Granger to send these soldiers overseas to get medical treatment for their injuries.

The USA would not have treated a soldier like that.

Yours faithfully,

I Baird

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