Why is the ‘Guinness Greatest of the Streets’ not being played in Essequibo?

Dear Editor,
Perhaps it is only in Essequibo that most corporate entities including Banks DIH have not found it profitable to invest in sports. This is despite the fact that Banks DIH has made a significant profit in Essequibo selling its varied items of merchandise. The company’s fleet of trucks can be seen daily doing business across the Essequibo Coast. In addition several clubs have been promoting its products, including regular promotional events such as Banks Happy Hour. The sale of Guinness is no exception and Essequibians have embraced the product with great ease. It is for this reason that I am dismayed by the failure on the part of the company to invest in Essequibo as they have done in other parts of the country.

I am specifically referring to the ‘Guinness Greatest of the Streets’ football competition which is being played in George-town, Linden, East Coast, Berbice and Bartica, among other places; yet although the Essequibo Coast has more streets, nothing has been budgeted for the region. Are Essequibians the least drinkers of Guinness in the country? Football remains quite popular here while the Essequibo Coast and Pomeroon Football Association (ECPFA) has made significant strides in promoting and developing the game at all levels. This has also been done with some support from the Guyana Football Association (GFA). I can only assume therefore that it is an oversight and not an act of neglect to deny the fans, patrons and footballers, all of whom overwhelmingly support Banks DIH products including Guinness, from enjoying the goodwill of the company in relation to the popular football tournament. While some of the streets are still affected by potholes they are capable of hosting such tournaments.

Yours faithfully,
Elroy Stephney

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