US has an obligation in terms of climate change

Dear Editor,

Some significant developments have taken place recently at the international level which could have far reaching consequences for developing countries such as ours. There was, for instance, the G20 Summit which was held in Germany amid strong protest actions in the streets of Hamburg by those who are opposed to the position taken by the United States on the issue of climate change.

The United States had earlier indicated its intention to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Agreement which limits carbon emissions across the globe. This decision by the United States is at odds with several European countries and it is once again playing out in the G20 Draft Communique where the United States is again objecting to some aspects of the draft in relation to climate change.

We live in what is described as a global village and what happens in the North will have consequences for what happens in the South. In Guyana, we are already experiencing some highly unusual weather patterns with heavy floods in several parts of the hinterland and coastal regions.

The United States as the leading industrialized power in the world and also the second biggest emitter of carbons has an obligation to the rest of the world to save it from what scientists predict to be impending catastrophe unless urgent action is taken to reduce currents levels.

‘Putting America First’ in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world is at best shortsighted and will certainly lead to higher levels of protectionism and distortion in global trade which is likely to adversely impact on smaller economies such as ours.

Yours faithfully,
Hydar Ally

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