With the garbage crisis the shortcomings of City Hall are on full display

Dear Editor

Your editorial in yesterday’s edition on the garbage crisis was pointed and made reference to the many elements of this vicious cycle that ever so often repeats itself.

The citizenry are again left to fend for themselves as the garbage catastrophe takes hold and bites. City Hall, while it is working with the contractors on finding solutions, needs to make known its plans for dealing with this crisis in the interim.

It should not be too difficult to initiate ‘Plan B’ since that should have been in the works, as this is not the first time contractors have pulled their services.

The dumping and piling up of garbage on streets, roadsides and in alleyways is becoming evident and it is just a matter of time before it gets out of hand.

Once again the shortcomings of City Hall are on full display.

Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed  

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