Article on Essequibo blackouts is dated

Dear Editor,

Your article ‘Essequibo residents fume over daily blackouts’ (SN, July 12, 2017) in which Regional Chairman Devanand Ramdatt is quoted as seeking clarity from GPL, is dated. As the correspondence below shows, this information was provided by Minister David Patterson to the Regional Chairman some three days ago and mere hours after his enquiry.

On 9 July 2017 at 2:20:22 pm, Minister Patterson wrote:

“Dear Chairman,

“Please accept my apologies on the current status of the power supply, as you know we inherited several almost derelict units, which we have been attempting to keep serviceable with limited success.

“I will ask GPL to provide advance notice in future on any load shedding activities. On the long term, a new set for Anna Regina has been procured already, it is expected to be on site by October, however we have to complete groundworks and other infrastructure issues before we can connect it and have it in full service. It is anticipated all to be completed by November.


“David A. Patterson MP…”

On Jul 9, 2017, 1:35 pm 0400, Devanand Ramdatt wrote:

“Dear Hon. Minister,

“The Northern Section of Region Two has been experiencing frequent and unreliable power supply particularly over the past two days.

“It is very unfortunate that no public advisory was offered and residents in the affected areas are in doubts.

“A kind request is hereby made to meaningfully engage the RDC and residents of my region on immediate and future plans to provide reliable power supply.

“Grateful for your timely intervention.


“Devanand Ramdatt

Regional Chairman

Region Two”

Yours faithfully,

Ronald Bulkan

Minister of Communities   

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