Graduates of GuySuCo Training Centre showed amazing level of skill

Dear Editor, 

I had the privilege of attending the 56th Apprentice Graduation exercise of the GuySuCo Training Centre, Port Mourant, held on Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

The programme, which commenced promptly, was well organised and delivered. Over sixty apprentices graduated in various fields of trade after completing four years of study, both theoretical and practical. Of particular interest and well received were the cultural presentations by apprentices. The young men must be applauded and commended for their fine displays in both song and dance.

However, there were two noteworthy disappointments.  There was only one female who graduated among the several males. It was posited that while it is regrettable, it also tells a tale of lack of interest among the female gender in pursuing trade-based skills.

The Regional Chairman was slated to address the gathering.  He was a no show.  While I am sure an explanation was offered, surely at an important function such as this, the RC could have had someone attend and deliver remarks on his behalf.

Following the ceremony I viewed an exhibition by the apprentices, now graduates, of pieces of equipment and tools made during the course of their studies. I must say the level of skill shown by the students was truly amazing.

GuySuCo must be commended for continuing with its apprentice programne in spite of all the adversities.

Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed 

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