Somwaru is not the President of the Berbice Cricket Board

Dear Editor,

The Berbice Cricket Board notes with disgust a press release emanating from the Guyana Cricket Board published in the Kaieteur News of Sunday July 2 on page 65, in which it seeks to inform the general public that “Mr. Dhieranidranauth Somwaroo is currently the President of the Berbice Cricket Board and should, along with his executives be the point of contact for all matters relating to cricket in the county of Berbice.”

The Berbice Cricket Board categorically refutes this assumption of the Guyana Cricket Board, and wishes to state that the last elections of the Berbice Cricket Board were held on the 28th December 2014 and the following persons were elected to serve on the board of the BCB:

Anil Beharry -President

Dhieranidranauth Somwaroo -Vice President

Qualis Winter  -Vice President

Vemen Walters -Vice President

Angela Hanif -Secretary

Plaffiana Millington -Assistant Secretary

Vicky Bharosay -Treasurer

Ricardo Bachan -Assistant Treasurer

Five persons were also appointed to serve as members of the executive committee, and they are Hubern Evans, Albert Smith, Julian Cambridge, Vickram Seubarran and Rabindranauth Saywack. However, for various reasons the following persons ceased to be executive members of the BCB and they are Anil Beharry, Plaffiana Millington, Vicky Bharosay, Ricardo Bachan and Vickram Seubarran.

It should be noted that the sole surviving members of the 2014 Board are Vice President Dhieranidranauth Somwaroo,  Vice President Qualis Wintnter, Vice President Vemen Walters,  Secretary Angela Haniff,  Appointed Executive Hubern Evans, Appointed Executive Albert Smith, Appointed Executive Julian Cambridge and Appointed Executive Rabindranauth Saywack.

It is pertinent to note that after the resignation of Mr Anil Beharry in early 2017, Mr D Somwaru sought to impose himself on his colleague executives by firing some and appointing others. This matter is currently engaging the attention of the court in an action filed by Messrs Smith and Saywack.

He also sought to fraudulently have himself elected as President in contravention of the court order stopping elections of the county boards and the Guyana Cricket Board.

The Berbice Cricket Board wishes to inform the general public and the Guyana Cricket Board that the Berbice Cricket Board is a body cooperate (Act 14 of 2014) and is empowered to elect at its Annual General Meeting a President, three Vice Presidents, a Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, a Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer.

It is also pellucidly clear that in the event of a “Vacancy occurring among the officers, then such vacancy should be filled at a special general meeting of the board” (Article 13 of the Constitution of the Berbice Cricket Board). Further it is pertinent to note that Mr Samwaru could not have been elected to the presidency since this would have been in contravention of the restraining order granted to Mr David Black and Mr Godwyn Allicock in a matter filed against the Berbice Cricket Board on the 4th March, 2015.

The Berbice Cricket Board, therefore, categorically states the Mr D Somwaru is not and has never been elected President of the Berbice Cricket Board, and the person to be contacted in the relation to cricket matters in Berbice is the Secretary to the Berbice Cricket Board. The Guyana Cricket Board is also advised to refrain from publishing false information that is designed to create mischief and confusion in Berbice cricket.

Yours faithfully,

Angela Haniff


Berbice Cricket Board



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