Questions regarding the Camp Street jailbreak

Dear Editor,

I have some questions regarding the Camp Street jailbreak”

  1. What were the prison guards doing that allowed four fires to be started at separate locations in the prison?
  2. What was the prison guards’ first response after the first fire?
  3. Did the prisoners have access to gas or kerosene? How could this be?
  4. What time was it that the escapees made it out of the prison?
  5. Did they all leave as one group, two, or three groups?
  6. Why was the vehicle in which the prisoners escaped allowed so close to the prison as to facilitate the kidnapping of the driver?
  7. As the escapees were making their way out of the prison gate, exactly how many prison guards, police and army personnel saw them leave?
  8. How could one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight prisoners escape through the front gate of the prison in this scenario?
  9. Did these prisoners, clearly identifiable with gun(s) and cutlasses, run to the car without any attempt to stop them?
  10. Did they drive away from the scene in plain sight of the prison guards, police and army while all the police and army vehicles just lay around parked at the scene or doing their regular traffic stops?
  11. How many prison guards, police and army personnel were on the scene at the exact time of the escape?
  12. How many helicopters are available to the police, army?

Yours faithfully,

Craig Sylvester

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