Maurice Arjoon has been vindicated

Dear Editor,

The favourable ruling by Justice Brassington Reynolds in the wrongful dismissal case  of former CEO of New Building Society, Maurice Arjoon, demonstrates  that justice is alive and well in Guyana.  Delayed though it was, justice was not denied. Mr Arjoon has been vindicated just like he said he would be. It is unfortunate he could not be present in court to hear the ruling and to savour the victory of the moment.

The ruthless ripping apart of an innocent, decent and honourable person is unforgivable. It is hoped Mr Arjoon and family can now begin to put the dark days and years behind them as they continue to seek to rebuild their lives. My best wishes to them as we take the many lessons of their amazing courage, strength and fortitude.

Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed

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