Robbed while exercising on the seawall

Dear Editor,

I think you, and anyone for that matter, would appreciate the peace and tranquillity of the seawall for early morning exercise; it is a gem which compares with any place under the sun. Well, it was not to be. I have been frequenting the seawall for my morning walk most days per week for the past 5 years. Sunday (July 16), unfortunately, was my last day.

On my return leg of walk, in the vicinity aback the Ocean View hotel, I was robbed by a lone male on a bicycle, who was not more than 20 years old. Menacingly, and threatening to shoot me, he robbed me of my gold ring and a low-cost cell phone. After the incident, I was very traumatized, not from the loss of the material things, but from my reflection on what it felt like looking death starkly in the face. I pleaded with the youth to spare my life.

I am sending this letter to warn the many whose names and faces I know and who I have been seeing each morning exercising on this section of the seawall to be on the alert, and try as best as they can to avoid being alone.

Editor, when a law-abiding citizen is denied the right to enjoy the peace and sanctity of the natural beauty of this country, it must be considered a land without a future; a failed state.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)   

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