An independent judiciary reassures the citizens of any country

Dear Editor,

There is nothing more reassuring to the citizens of any country than that of an independent judiciary. This is the one of the most powerful arms of the state in so far as the protection of the rights of citizens is concerned. Democracy and the rule of law is organically intertwined with that of a functioning and independent judiciary.

This is why any attempt to undermine or exert undue influence over the judiciary by the executive must be resisted. The judiciary is the bedrock on which the democratic fabric of any society rests. Indeed, it is the defining characteristic of the modern state, and any attempt to undermine its independence should be resisted by all those who cherish the ideals of a law-governed and rules-based Guyana.

This is why American democracy, despite its flaws and imperfections, is still regarded as a model system of governance, due primarily to its built-in system of checks and balances and its adherence to the doctrine of the separation of powers. Any functioning democracy must be buttressed by a system of checks and balances which serve to effectively curb the natural tendency of the executive to impose its will on the populace, particularly when it is considered to be in violation of the constitution.

Power is defined as the ability to have one’s way despite the resistance of others. If unchecked, it can have a corrosive effect on the whole society. As the saying goes, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Yours faithfully,

Hydar Ally

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