STEM team message relevant for our politicians

Dear Editor,

Many people may have missed the importance and significance of the tenth-place performance of our Team STEMGuyana at the recent robotics competition. The story well deserved its place on the front page of your last Wednesday’s issue, and I would like to congratulate the entire team on their exemplary performance.

But there is something for our politicians to learn from that achievement. First, it took the STEM team just three months to work on their project. How long would it have taken our politicians? Second, looking at the composition of the team, it is obvious the government played no part in their selection.

Most important, however, is their Facebook posting: “They get it’s all about accomplishing a big goal, they get that they have to work together, they get that they have to work hard, they get that they have to make sacrifices, they get that they have to have the right attitude.” And “… they are learning that these challenges will only be overcome when people realize we are on the same team…”

What a message not only for our politicians but for all of Guyana!

Team STEMGuyana, well done!

Yours faithfully,

Clairmont Lye

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