Private number listed on Muneshwers Travel

Dear Editor,

My telephone number (landline) is listed on Muneshwers Travel’s website as one of their numbers. I have made several calls to Muneshwers over the past year pointing out this error. The persons at the end of the line seem not to know what to do to resolve this issue. Each one refers me to another while promising to look into the matter. Meantime, I continue to get calls from persons seeking travel bookings. Today I was asked if I had toilet bowls. I was tempted to respond that we had more than one, but they were well used…

I trust that through this medium the requisite action would be taken by Muneshwers so that this constant nuisance would be a thing of the past. My number is the second one listed on their website under the caption ‘Muneshwers Travel’.

Yours faithfully,

Claudia Heywood

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