Were the escapees inspired by Guzman?

Dear Editor,

The disclosure that the thirteen escaped prisoners from Lusignan Prison dug their way out of the facility is as damning as it is damaging and worrying.

Maybe the prisoners learned this mode of escape from the famous jailbreak in 2015 when notorious Mexican drug lord, Joaquin ‘El Capo’ Guzman dug a tunnel and made good his escape.

While what the Lusignan prisoners dug was not as  elaborate as Guzman’s tunnel, in both cases it served the purpose , ie to aid escape from confinement.

Prisoners have become bolder and more daring.  The authorities will have to become likewise.

Guzman was eventually recaptured. I have no doubt all escapees will in due course have the same fate befall them.

Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed

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