Workshop makes area look like a slum

Dear Editor,

As a property owner at 36 Ocean View Drive, Ruimzeight Gardens, Ruimzeight,

West Coast, Demerara, I draw to your attention a situation which has been overlooked by the Central Housing and Planning Authority and other authorities, and which has now gotten out of hand.

A motor mechanic’s workshop is being operated by a tenant, that has drastically reduced the  appearance of the area so it looks like a slum, with grass on the narrow road where vehicles are parked, tarpaulin draped from the house to the fence, an overgrowth of grass and a filthy yard. All of this depresses the value of properties and impinges on health.

Please visit with your camera; it is time that Central Housing and the Regional authorities got a wake-up call.

Yours faithfully,

Mervyn Wray

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