We need an opposition which will work with the government to solve critical problems

Dear Editor,

Anyone at the ministerial helm in Guyana, especially in the Public Security Ministry must be as the Rock of Gibraltar and be prepared to weather the storm of criticisms unleashed by the opposition-instigated harsh public outbursts.

The fact that Minister Khemraj Ramjattan acknowledges that the ‘buck stops’ at his office is of great significance. It is importance to note that former US President Harry Truman had a sign in his office which read “the buck stops here”. This shows the nature of our Public Security Minister; he could have blamed the Director of Prisons and his staff or he could have ‘Roheed’ himself out of the onslaught, but he chose the most honourable way out: he accepted full responsibility, no conditions attached. He further accepted that he was embarrassed by the jailbreaks and the escapees. He showed the utmost humility that is so lacking in our statesmen of today and displayed an unyielding strength of character when he concluded that ‘resignation’ is not a word he is associated with. This Minister and Third Vice President has grown tremendously in my humble estimation during the past weeks, and I am sure that the masses would agree with my conclusion.

On the other hand, the former Attorney General has been on television on a weekly basis in relation to the law books case. Why should he be trying his case in public? If he is innocent then our legal system will determine that, but he should not be involved in character assassination. For instance, referring to me, the PM’s Region 6 representative in a derogatory manner, is an attempt to belittle the valuable contributions I have been making towards the economic and social development of Region 6. I do not have to go on television and read stale negative news to the public; I go to affected residents and their communities and offer solutions to their problems and do not seek political mileage or financial gains like some people do. I do not live on past ‘achievements’ like members of the opposition.

It seems to me that Mr Nandlall is trying his utmost to cause the opposition to lose the next general election by sending fear into the hearts of Berbicians resulting in an exodus to the US and other parts of the world. He should note that last year alone 79,000 (72,000 visitors visas) Guyanese were given visas to the US. Many Guyanese are using their 10-year visa to get away from the doomsday picture painted by the opposition.

The main function of the opposition is to question the government and hold them accountable. In other words, the opposition is the alternative government and should not only be challenging the policies of the government but must be capable of providing different policies where applicable to ensure that economic and social problems can be resolved. What alternative policies has this opposition provided in two years? All they are doing is to criticize, condemn and complain; there is no plan, policies or productive ideas.

We need an opposition which can leave politicking for the election season in 2020 and work hand-in-hand with the government to solve the critical problems plaguing this nation. It is no excuse for them to say, “It’s not our problem!” Each and every problem belongs to all Guyanese.

Yours faithfully,

Gobin Harbhajan

APNU+AFC RDC Councillor

Region 6

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