Dear Editor,

I am flummoxed by the discussions (ad nauseam) of the global diaspora having a burning fire to return and contribute to the homeland. I say let us get real; today’s technologies and internet connections via the global web makes telecommuting anywhere in the world possible. No house, no maids, no cars. So unless members of the global diaspora are needed to dig drains, they should stay where they are currently domiciled, and connect to the websites of the ministries, private businesses, public businesses or charities with RFPs (Request for proposals) for a project or job that those entities have advertised.  Payment will be done via PayPal, etc, unless the work is to be done pro bono.

I question the resources members of the diaspora would bring, given that NGOs are willing to bring expertise for free if you provide free boarding and lodging. Moreover, knowledge and skills are becoming commoditized on the web; one can be self-taught, since free courses from top universities in the States are available. For these reasons, do the members of the diaspora still want to come back because of a burning desire or is it because of redundancies or layoffs or wage stagnation or xenophobia?  I believe the true contributors will do the telecommuting from wherever.

So I say that all the talk about members of the diaspora being discouraged because of lack of something or the other is just inanity.

Yours faithfully,

Keith Bernard

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