Media operators ask PM for deferral of Bill

Dear Editor,

The undersigned broadcasters, media owners and representatives have sent the following letter to Prime Minister and First Vice President Moses V Nagamootoo with regard to the Broadcasting (Amendment) Bill 2017:

“With reference to the above, we, the undersigned Media Proprietors, Operators and Representatives respectfully seek an audience to engage with you on our related concerns.

We believe that the proposed Bill in its current form has serious implications for the sustainability of our operations and, to some extent, infringes on our freedom to determine broadcast content.

“Our understanding is that the Bill could be passed in the National Assembly before the end of this week leaving us little time for the engagement proposed for the consideration of our concerns and inputs.

“In this regard, we respectfully urge a deferral of the Bill’s passage in the absence of the proposed meeting. We believe that meaningful consultation on this piece of legislation is imperative having not been afforded the opportunity during its preparation. Having looked at the proposed Bill, we can see a number of issues to be raised in terms of constitutional matters. Both the meeting and deferral as requested would give us the opportunity to raise these matters.

“We trust that you will favourably consider this request in the interest of a Bill reached through consensus.”

Yours faithfully,

Raymon Cummings, Freedom


Savitri Singh Sharma  CNS TV6

Kerwin Bollers CH 72

Neaz Subhan TVG 28/89.5 FM

Vishnu Ramdhani  MBC CH 93

Pearl Dindial LRTV

Raymond Singh MTV

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