When will my phone, internet be fixed?

Dear Editor,

My telephone line is down and so is my internet service. I had just replaced my telephone on the receiver after conversing with a friend when I remembered that I had to make another call. So, I dialled that number. Silence. I replaced my phone thinking that something was probably wrong with my friend’s telephone.

I then decided to use the internet to download an article only to discover that I could not do so. The internet was not functioning and the telephone was ‘dead’. It was then that I saw some GTT technicians working on a line not far from my home. I approached them explaining what had just happened. The technician who was doing something to the line said he had done nothing to my line. I asked him if it was a co-incidence that as soon as they started work on my street, my line went silent. They insisted that it had nothing to do with them, but they would do some checks at the Exchange. Nothing was done because I’m still without any service.

This is really unfair (it’s not the first time we have been treated in this manner.) I do not know when GTT will look into this matter. I hope the person in charge of this particular department will take note of this and have my telephone line fixed. My telephone number is 320-2359

Yours faithfully,

D Lampley

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