The status quo has to go

Dear Editor,

I refer to your report titled ‘Contentious broadcast bill passed’ (SN, August 4). Just as the case with the budgetary estimates and the State Asset Recovery Agency Bill, government has used its narrow parliamentary majority to not only ignore arguments advanced by the parliamentary opposition but also to turn a deaf ear to the pleas and appeals of several citizens and civil society groups.

This trend is sure to continue in the coming months and years unless our citizenry is willing to become active and support efforts for a comprehensive reform of our political system via the constitution, and in particular, the adoption of a first-past-the-post type system where our parliamentary members are elected via geographic constituencies and not a party list.  However, if that’s just wishful thinking on my part, and we are left with the current system as we approach the 2020 general elections, then a new vibrant, competent and appealing third party has to emerge to balance the parliamentary equation to ensure the preservation of consultative and inclusive democracy.

The stakes have never been higher; the status quo has to go!

Yours faithfully,

Clinton Urling

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