Why is GWI charging when water is cut off?

Dear Editor,

I am an unemployed bachelor who has been residing at 163 Glen Road, Kara Kara from December 2016.   In May 2017 my water was disconnected.  After investigation I discovered that I owed $28,000.00, and upon speaking to one of the personnel in the office she then told me if I paid $16,000.00 ‒ $10,000.00 on the bill and $6,000.00 for reconnection ‒ water would be restored.

I then went and sought some overseas help, and got the $16,000.00, but when I returned to pay the money I did not find the same personnel.  I saw someone else who started to inquire about who gave me such advice; I then told her.  She then accepted the money and further told me that I had 2 months to pay the $18,000.00.  I said that I could not pay that amount of money in such a short time, but she replied that is not her problem.

In about 7 weeks my water went again.  Several weeks after disconnection, I came home to find a bill stuck in my gate. Upon reading it, I discovered that I have $23,000.00 for GWI, and after inquiring about this I was told even though I am disconnected I still have to pay $1,300.00 per month.  I cannot believe that you have to pay for services that you are not receiving, so I’m asking the competent authorities to look into this matter.

Speaking to several others they were complaining about various inconsistences, so I think this agency needs investigating.  Furthermore, why do Linden people have to pay so much for water?

Yours faithfully,

Derick Bacchus  

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