GTT management should reach out to staff and customers

Dear Editor,

The damage done to GTT’s fibre optic cable is reprehensible and the public rejects it. The damage was not done by the numerous disgruntled customers who are suffering at the hands of GTT as an Ambassador indicated.

The Minister of Telecommunications felt that it could be due to a warped sense of competition.

But those who speak with GTT workers know that there is much disaffection among them for the company. The speed, accuracy and timing with which the cable was damaged clearly points to an inside job.

To end future vandalism from the inside, the management of the company needs to reach out to the staff. And if the management feels the public should be sheriffs, they should also reach out to the customers. The footsteps of former managers Yog Mahadeo and Joe Singh should be followed.

Yours faithfully,

Cecil Morgan

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